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Bob Latta, general contractor with Latta Kennedy Builders, spoke this week about the costs of remodeling a home. We all know that there are many different factors that will determine the cost of remodeling project.

Bob used an article he found online to compare what internet articles state are common construction costs versus the reality of a remodeling project.

Many homeowners are timid about contacting a contractor because they have no idea what a home improvement project may cost. By working with an experienced general contractor like Bob Latta, a homeowner can come up with a construction budget and Latta Kennedy Builders can help create a project that fits into that budget.

Sometimes a homeowners budget is not realistic for the projects that they would like to have completed. In other situations, the homeowner can pick different fittings and accessories to bring the project into budget.

When discussing the vital steps of home renovation budgeting and planning, you need an experienced general contractor to help guide you along in the process. Bob is an expert at tailor fitting a remodeling project to fit into the homeowner's budget.

One very important aspect of a job that Bob with Latta Kennedy Builders will never compromise on is the quality of the workmanship of the project. There are many ways to trim excess from a project to work within a budget, but cutting corners and poor workmanship will NEVER be an option with Latta Kennedy.

With over 20 years experience in the home building and remodeling industry, Bob Latta is an expert general contractor. Latta Kennedy Builders can handle any home improvement project you have including:

  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Additions
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Remodeling
  • Much More!

Bob Latta with Latta Kennedy Builders Services Montgomery and Chester Counties including:

  • Bryn Mawr
  • The Main Line
  • Chester Springs
  • West Chester
  • Many More!

When considering a remodeling project, you need a general contractor that is experienced, professional, and honest. Bob Latta with Latta Kennedy Builders is the home remodeling contractor you can trust to get your project completed and completed right!

You can learn more about Latta Kennedy Builders: Home Remodeling in Chester County PA

Sanjana Soni with KeyBank, presented this week during our featured speaker section of the weekly LeTip meeting. As the personal banker with KeyBank, Sanjana can handle any banking needs that a business or individual may have.

KeyBank is located in 39 States. This large presence allows the KeyBank to provide many financial services that smaller institutions simply cannot provide.

For the Business Owner, KeyBank offers a full range of business banking products and options. Sajana highlighted some of the expert banking services that KeyBank offers.

  • Business Checking Accounts
  • Business Credit Cards
  • Merchant Services
  • Business Loans
  • Much More!

KeyBank won the 2018 Best Business Bank Award for their quality services and business products!

Sajana is also an expert in the many individual banking products and services that KeyBank provides.

KeyBank offers a financial wellness program that walks you through your current financial situation and offers guidance on how to reach your financial goals. Whether your goal is to retire, purchase a home or auto, pay off debt, or simply save more, Sanjana and KeyBank have a banking solution for you!

The financial wellness program is a simple and effective tool to better your financial situation. By discovering where your financial strengths and weaknesses are, you can realistically set financial goals.

KeyBank also offers a full line of personal loan options. Sajana discussed one such loan known as a home improvement loan. KeyBank's home improvement loan can be used for a variety of home improvement projects. Upgrades to a home can be very extensive and very expensive.

KeyBank's home improvement loan can help finance many home projects including:

  • Roof Replacements
  • HVAC Replacements
  • Remodeling Projects
  • Many More!

Some of the other personal loan products that Sanjana can discuss include:

  • Auto Loans
  • Boat Loans
  • Airplane Loans

Many people know their bank for simple banking products like checking and savings accounts. As your banking needs become more complex, you want a banker that can expertly guide you through the financial jungle.

From online banking to easy and streamlined lending, KeyBank is a leader in the banking industry.

Sanjana has been in banking for over 10 years. With expert insight and experience, Sanjana can help you achieve your financial goals.

You can learn more about KeyBank here: https://www.key.com/

Refinance your Mortgage with The Rate Kings!

Lonnie Cooper from The Rate Kings, discussed a new refinance option for homeowners. This new refinance option incurs NO closing costs which can be a huge benefit to the homeowner.

Rates as of Lonnie's presentation were around 3.5%. This means that a homeowner that purchased a home a few years ago at a rate of 4% and above could benefit from a refinance.

A refinance of a home can potentially save hundreds of dollars for the homeowner every month. Since the homeowner is essentially "re-buying" their home at the current rate, they will incur closing costs as part of the transaction. Lonnie discussed how he has access to a new refinance program that does not involve closing costs to the homeowner.

Here is a basic scenario that Lonnie described where a homeowner could refinance for a lower rate and incur no closing costs.

Let's say that a homeowner purchased a property just a few years ago for 4.25%. Current mortgage rates as of this presentation are at 3.5%. The savings of this transaction would potentially not offset the closing costs associated with the closing costs of the refinance.

This is where Lonnie's new program comes into play. Lonnie can offer the homeowner a lower rate of 3.75% and cover the closing costs. This means that the homeowner still saves 1/2 a percentage point and doesn't pay any closing costs.

In this scenario, the homeowner doesn't get the lowest current rate of 3.5% but does save a good amount of money every month by refinancing. They also save by not having any closing costs. In fact, this homeowner save 1/2% every single month just for signing their name!

Chester County PA Pest Control

Ryan Ellenberger with Prudential Pest Solutions discussed the many different rodent control measures to keep your property mouse and rat free.

Rodent control always starts on the outside of the home. Making sure that rodent and pest entryways are sealed up, one can reduce the chances of mouse or rat entering the home. Common rodent entrances are where HVAC and Plumbing lines come into the house and the garage.

The garage is usually a hot spot for rodent and pest activity. This is because of the gaps where the garage door meets the ground. The weather seal at the bottom of the door should be tight to the ground. Most often there is a gap at this weather seal or rodents have even chewed through it!

Ryan and Prudential Pest Solutions has a garage door replacement seal that is rodent proof. This new garage door seal is infused with a metal fabric that rodents cannot chew through. Not only will the garage door be sealed tight to the ground, but if rodents do try to chew through it, they can't!

Delaware County Landscaper

Nick Froio, from Froio's Lawn and Landscape, described a recent project that they completed in Delaware County Pennsylvania. A Church was in need of a new design for their memorial garden and to have the main walk repaired. The memorial garden would be located in a section of the cemetery on the church property. Extreme care and respect is required when working and digging in and around gravestones. Many landscaping companies flat out refused to even bid on the project due to the sensitive nature of working in a cemetery. Nick Froio and Froio's Lawn and Landscape having experience working in a cemetery before, happily took on the project. From the design of the garden to the selection of plants, the team at Froio's Lawn and Landscape were able to create a beautiful memorial garden that was on time and on budget. The church and parishioners were so pleased with the completed job that Nick and his crew were asked to repair and replace sections of the walkways around the church. From designing and building a new memorial garden to refurbishing the natural stone walkway installation, Froio's Lawn and Landscape was able to exceed this client's expectations.

Froio's Lawn and Landscape is a full service landscaping and lawn company located in West Chester Pennsylvania. As a family owned and operated company with over 30 years combined experience, they can handle any landscaping project you have. Servicing Chester County and South Eastern Pennsylvania, Froio's Lawn and Landscape will go the extra yard for you!


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