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Every Tuesday from 7am until 8:31am

Paradigm Financial Group, Inc
120 Arrandale Blvd. Exton, PA 19341
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LeTip Chester County East met on Tuesday, July 1, 2014, beginning the third quarter of 2014. Our painter, Dieter Enz (dieter@slcicorp), was our speaker. Rather than speaking as he typically does about painting jobs that he has completed, Dieter spoke instead about his five years of membership (so far) in LeTip Chester County East. He was first drawn to LeTip by members who encouraged him to join the group, and Dieter was impressed with their ability to speak professionally about their businesses. When he first went to a LeTip meeting, he was a little bit intimidated by the meeting structure, but he saw the benefits of learning better speaking skills, having people to socialize with who weren't coworkers or clients, and Dollars in Your Pocket. It took a few years for Dieter to see appreciable Dollars, but he got to know the other group members, demonstrated commitment to them, and gained their trust. In his five years with LeTip, he has averaged about $100,000 per year that he has brought in from Tips. Dieter attributes this income to his commitment to attend LeTip meetings at all cost combined with his commitment and loyalty to his customers. Sometimes for outdoor jobs, he is at the mercy of the weather, but Dieter offers painting work of the highest quality, and his customers are highly pleased with the work and service that he provides.

Random Member!

Scott Darling - Realtor

Scott Darling - Realtor
Letip Member Since March 1996
RE/MAX Action Associates - Associate Broker
403 W. Lincoln Highway #101, Exton PA 19341
610-594-SCOT (7268)
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Is a move in your future? You or someone you know may want, or need, to move. Think about it. There are some very key times in people’s lives where moving is essential. These are what I like to call Life Changing Events. To help you better understand, here are a few Life Changing Events that one may encounter.

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Letip Creed

"LeTip is a professional organization of men and women dedicated to the highest standards of competence and service. Our purpose is the exchange of business Tips. Members will, at all times, maintain the highest professional integrity. Each business category is represented by one member and conflicts of interest are disallowed."