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We meet every Tuesday from 7am until 8:31am at the Whitford Country Club
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LeTip Chester County East met on Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Exton, PA. We were joined by our region's Executive Director, Robert Smith-Felver. We also had a guest representing the category of wellness products.

Our showboater was new member Diane Lafferty, our Landscaping representative with Newcastle Lawn & Landscape ( She informed us that this is a great time to plan springtime projects for landscaping and hardscaping. Diane had photos of beautiful outdoor spaces that included various types of fireplaces for a warm and inviting outdoor experience. We look forward to hearing from her as our speaker next week.

Our speaker for January 13 was our chiropractor, Dr. Joe Zappy from The Wellness Center of Chester County ( He showed us a chart that indicated the number of education hours that chiropractors spend learning about a variety of subjects and compared these hours to the educational program for medical doctors. Chiropractors clearly have many more hours studying musculoskeletal issues and neurology. Joe is highly skilled at diagnosing and treating these sorts of issues. He discussed the example of a 12 year-old client who had always walked on her toes. Joe examined her gait (i.e., her pattern of walking), and he could see that her legs were externally rotated in the hip joints. He made adjustments to her feet and hips, and right away the girl could walk with a more typical heel-to-toe stride. Joe gave her some exercises to help retain proper joint alignment; he wants to empower all of his patients to take care of themselves. He makes sure to give each patient personal attention, particularly when instructing them in exercises, so that their form is correct and will yield the desired results. Ultimately, Joe wants his patients to get better and not just get locked into an endless stream of chiropractic visits. Contact him for movement assessments or for help with diagnosis and treatment of pain.

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Daryl Mast - Food Distributor

Daryl Mast - Food Distributor
Doorstep Dairy
P.O. Box 297 Terre Hill, PA, 17581
(717) 283-4060
LeTip Member since January 2017
Doorstep Dairy
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Having grown up on a farm of Holstein cattle, Daryl Mast opened Doorstep Dairy in 2010 as a way to offer the nostalgia of delivered groceries à la the milkman through his direct connections with local food producers.

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