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We meet every Tuesday from 7am until 8:31am at the Whitford Country Club
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May 5th 2009

Mike Clark from the Wireless Zone was our first speaker today.  He went over the advantages of switching and keeping our services on the Verizon Network.  There is a new device which is called the Verizon Hub; it keeps your family life in check and also doubles as a phone.  VZ Navigator gives you turn by turn directions on demand.  Mike let us know that we could use our phones as a modm and that all Verizon to Verizon mobile calls are free.  He can also setup our homes/businesses with Verizon FiOS.

Gregory Cazillo is our newly appointed Web Designer.  He spoke of the importance of Search Engine Optimization and why it is so important.  He can actually setup a website for you that brings in business, not just sits there as a display.  Some good tips are: no blank pages, make sure your site works on top 10 web browsers, avoid spam by removing any email addresses that are listed on your website, and finally keep content fresh. 

Sue Bullock has been named our new Membership Chair, congratulations!  We had two guests today, Dieter enz from SLCI Interior designers and Greg Whiteman from Sedona Holdings Inc, a General Contractor.

We had an annoucement from Scott Darling, our tipmaster that we need to help out our bottom 5 receivers of tips.  Scott Darling, Melanie Palubicki, Mike Clark, Mike Cosgrove and Phillip Antwi need more tips!

Finally we started a new game today.  Name the member that has their CPA, owns a ferret, paints with oils and has sold work?  Answer is here .

Random Member!

Matthew Simmers - Banker

Matthew Simmers - First Niagra Bank
Multi Site Branch Manager, Vice President
Letip Member Since September 2015
Frazer Branch - 200 W Lancaster Ave, Frazer, Pa 19355
Devon Branch - 414 Lancaster Ave, Devon, Pa 19333
First Niagra Bank
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Matt has been in banking for over 13 years.  His banking niche is working with Small Business owners to finance their business, collect from their clients, as well as identify effective processes to help pay their customers, suppliers and employees through a wide range of business banking products.  Matt has also helps many personal clients improve their financial situation by utilizing personal lending products which include Home Equity Loans and Lines of credit, credit cards and a secured credit card that few other banking institutions offer.  If you have a banking need, Matt is your guy! 

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